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Envirosafe 3 Zone Pest Protection Plan combines safe products and targeted treatments designed to specifically protect your home in three critical zones: exterior, perimeter, and interior. Our targeted treatments on the exterior and perimeter of your home limit the need for excessive amounts of chemicals on the interior. Our 3 Zone Pest Protection Plan is safe for your kids, your pets, and your family.

ZONE 1 - Exterior Pest Protection:
We start with the EXTERIOR of your home because it is the pest's natural environment. The exterior of your property contains numerous active pest harborage areas. These areas support pest activity providing access to moisture and a fertile environment to live and breed.

Targeted Treatments of Trees - Bushes - Mulch - Grass - Decaying Vegetation - Firewood

ZONE 2 - Perimeter Treatment:
These are areas that are immediately outside of the home. Small stress cracks and improperly sealed windows, doors, etc. can provide easy access to the interior of your home.

Targeted Treatments of Foundation - Windows - Doors - Thresholds - Soffits - Eaves - Plumbing - Electrical ingress points - Vents - Downspouts - Garage

ZONE 3 - Interior Pest Protection Treatment
Your home's interior can provide the food and shelter pests need to thrive. Pests can easily gain access to your home through crawl spaces or gaps in plumbing services. Once inside, pests thrive by seeking out food that is improperly stored or not secured and by seeking out moisture sources such as under sinks, in bathrooms and kitchens.

Targeted Treatments of Crawl spaces (food not stored properly or secured) - Gaps in plumbing (under sinks/moisture sources)

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