Termidor Perimeter Plus Termite Treatment protects your house from termite infestation.

Rest assured with Envirosafe and Termidor. We are Lake Wylie, South Carolina’s leading provider of Termite and Pest Control services that are safe for your family, home and pets. Envirosafe Termite & Pest Control’s Termidor Perimeter Plus Treatment is environmentally friendly, safe for your family home and pets, odorless, long-lasting and guaranteed to eliminate termites and termite colonies. Our Termidor Perimeter Plus Treatment delivers targeted environmentally friendly results to eliminate termite colonies and establish and maintain a protective barrier around your property. For 30 years we have established ourselves as the stand alone provider of organic and low environmental impact termite and pest control services. With thousands of happy customers in the Lake Wylie area, our track record and environmental stewardship speaks for itself.

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Powerful Pests: Facts about termites

  • Every year, termites cause more than $5 billion in damage to U.S. homes. That's more than the combined damage caused by fire, storms and earthquakes.
  • Termites are found in 49 of the 50 states. At least 40 different termite species can be found in the U.S. alone.
  • Worker termites will travel up to 250 feet away from the colony, eating through plaster, plastic and even asphalt, to get to a wood food source.
  • A colony of 60,000 termites can consume a 12-in. long 2x4 in about five months.
    Termites must travel in tunnels; they will die from exposure to open air and direct sunlight.
  • Several termite colonies could be present in as little as one acre of land and contain more than one million termites.

Because termites can destroy wood and cause severe damage, it’s important to protect your home from these pests, which can be found throughout the U.S.

Available from Envirosafe Termite and Pest Control of Lake Wylie, Termidor easily outperforms repellent-type termite treatments

Applying a pesticide compound around the perimeter of a building is the traditional treatment to protect a building from termites. But instead of using a repellent-type pesticide that termites can detect and avoid, the Termidor system treats the soil around your house with a pesticide that termites unknowingly pick up and spread throughout their colony. Thanks to Termidor’s unique “Transfer Effect™,” a single termite can pass a lethal dose of pesticide to dozens of other termites. In this way, entire termite colonies can be eliminated.

Termidor Perimeter Plus benefits:
Envirosafe treats the critical areas of your home such as the perimeter, foundation piers, attached slabs and porches and areas where termite activity have been found. This precise application according to the Termidor Perimeter Plus label protects your home to provide long-term protection against termite infestation without harming the environment. Transfer Effect™ technology exposes individual termites to a lethal dose of pesticide that they spread throughout the colony. Termidor is effective on all major termite species active in the U.S. and has proven performance on over 4 million homes since Termidor was introduced in 2000.

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